Trademarks and Copyright

Trademark and copyrights cover two different aspects of your business and ideas. A trademark includes any combination of a word, symbol, phrase, or name used in commerce and differentiates the goods from one producer and another. A trademark is also known as a brand name. A copyright is the original work of an artist or author that is fixed in a medium. A Des Moines trademark attorney at Iowa Defenders can help you decide what is the best route to take to ensure your rights are considered and treated fairly.

You have common law rights that do not require filing paperwork for your trademark or copyright, however, if you have filed such paperwork, your rights are increased. Without the necessary paperwork, if litigation ensues it will make it more difficult to prove that you have the rights to your trademark or copyright. Your attorney can help you to gather evidence or any possible documentation to help your case.

At Iowa Defenders, we understand how complicated these cases can become. Often, trademarks are considered the most important assets. We want you to have a successful case and are prepared to work hard for you and your rights. With a case for trademarks or copyrights, you will need the legal advice and representation of a Des Moines trademark attorney. They can help you defend your rights, file necessary paperwork, and meet all required deadlines for your case. With an attorney going through each step with you, you will be able to relieve some of the stress the case is putting on you.

Our attorneys can help you understand the available options you have for your case. Most trademarks and copyright cases are tried in Federal Court, so the expertise and skills of an attorney can help you to understand the next best step you can take. You will want the help of an attorney to ensure you have the most successful case possible. Contact our Des Moines copyright attorneys today to begin building your case.