Unbundled Services

Traditionally when people think of legal representation, they think of an attorney representing clients from beginning to end of the case. People also believe that this is a very expensive process. This can be true. Legal matters can be lengthy and expensive depending on many factors relating to your specific case. However, the legal system is complex and complicated. 

There is a way to have the best of both worlds. Unbundled legal services are also referred to as limited scope representation. Unbundled Services means that you can hire an attorney for a limited basis. You can get a la carte legal services that best fits your needs and your budget. Rather than paying an attorney for the entirety of the case, you can pick and choose which parts of a case you want the help of an attorney. This can be as all inclusive or limited as you want or need for your specific legal matter. If you would like to discuss the possibility of unbundled services, please reach out to the office and set up your appointment today.

Iowa Defenders offers unbundled services including but not limited to:

-Document Review

-Power of Attorney, Will, and Living Will preparation

-Limited Appearances in Litigation (filing answers and defenses)

-Limited Hearing Representation (single hearing such as Contempt or No Contact hearings)

-Mediation Representation

-Flat Fee for Child Support Guidelines and Financial Affidavit preparation

-Trademark Applications

-Copyright Applications

-Real Estate Seller Documentation Preparation